Lake Enchanto at Peter Strauss Ranch

Peter Strauss Ranch is a National Parks Service site in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, in Agoura Hills, California. 

An oak woodland with terraced hillsides, the site was once home to, "Lake Enchanto" - a pre-Disney World recreation destination.  From 1945-55, "Lake Enchanto" was a charming fairyland, boasting a 650,000 gallon pool with a center platform stage, a large aviary, an  amphitheater, a terrazzo dance floor, lawns, and meandering trails through oaks, chaparral, and alongside a creek.

In 2003, Los Angeles Times staff writer Bob Pool dove into the history of the site, including its connections to the Indy 500, the Manson family, canyon hippies, Watergate, buried treasure, and movie stars.

 "Nearby, they built a 125-foot-wide, 650,000-gallon oval swimming pool. With a capacity of 3,000 swimmers, it was touted as the largest pool west of the Rockies. A platform-like island in the center was reached by boat and served as a stage for musicians who entertained crowds of up to 5,000 that watched from benches carved into a hillside above the pool." - Bob Pool

Today, Peter Strauss Ranch is a walkable, hike-able, picnic-able park, and is open to the public during daylight hours. 

Peter Strauss Ranch (Lake Enchanto)
Santa Monica Mountains
National Recreation Area

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