from Kim West (@westkim on Instagram):

This Saturday, Sept. 2 at 11am PST I’m posting a sale on Instagram to support those affected by #HARVEY.

100% of sales will go directly to relief efforts.

When I painted the work in studio for the LAKE ENCHANTO installation, I lined up canvas tote bags under each mural panel and layer painting to absorb the literal memories of the making. The memory tote bags all have paint drips, smears, blotches and/or splatters on both sides. Some have also been layered with screen prints of abstracted poppies on one side. No two totes are alike.

I have 40 of these one-of-a-kind LAKE ENCHANTO totes, and I’d like them to go to work in support of #HARVEY relief. 100% of sales will benefit the following:

Non-profit facilitating projects involving people with disabilities, including post-disaster relief work. 

Texas non-profit supplying those affected by natural disasters in Texas with diapers.

Texas non-profit providing new, clean underwear to those in need of it. 

Each tote is $75. 

The base color varies - each tote is either un-bleached natural, light pink, dark pink, green, or yellow canvas.
Each tote is a painting to hang from your shoulder!  
(Or, if you cut off the straps, and carefully tear the seams apart, each tote becomes two framable paintings!)


• The sale will run from Saturday, Sept 2, through Wednesday Sept. 6 – or when all 40 totes have been claimed, whichever comes first.

• First come, first served – on a claimed basis, via Instagram comment.

• To claim one of the 40 memory totes, visit my @westkim instagram feed, leave your name in the comments on the applicable IG post that will go up Saturday, Sept. 2, at 11am PST. (If you aren’t on Instagram, you can email me your claim. But if possible, please comment on the IG post - it will make it much easier to keep track - pls and thx!)

• You get what you get! Posting a traditional sale with images of each tote listed separately would take more time than I have, and purchasing/donating through my website would incur transaction and credit card fees that would ultimately mean less money for the charities in need. 

• After you’ve left your name in the post’s comments, you’ll have 24 hours to make a $75 donation to one of the following charities: Portlight, Texas Diaper Bank, and/or Undies for Everyone. ($75 is the minimum donation. If you are able and inspired to donate more, please do it! Also, if you would like to split your donation between 2 or 3 of the charities, go for it, so long as the total donated is at least $75. To maintain fairness, if you are unable to send documentation of your donation within 24 hrs of your claim in the comments, your claim will be pushed to the back of the queue.)

• When you’ve received a receipt from your chosen charity/s, email me an image of your receipt/s* and your address, and I will mail you a memory tote onThursday, Sept. 7, in a large padded envelope – sent compliments of me, sealed with gratitude and love. (*Receipt/s must include your name, the name of the charity/s, the amount/s donated, and the date of your donation/s- totaling $75, minimum.) 

• email me ( [email protected] ) with any questions! 

swim day

Teresa Toogie Barcelo, at Lake Enchanto, taking press photos. This woman!! She makes air swimming look soooooo easy breezy beautiful. 

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